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Eco Friendly Speed Boat the Guardian S Class

The Guardian S Class is the world’s first carbon neutral speed boat. The carbon fiber guardian is a 45 knot solar hybrid vessel powered by an EPA car regulated Mercedes Benz bluetec engine connected to a carbon-Grossbautelie electric motor. When combined with other available technology the fuel consumption and GHG emissions are 50 to 100% lower than any speed boat ever built.

The guardians lithium ion UPS provides a zero carbon crossing range up to 50 nautical miles (I mile is equal to 6,080.20 feet in the U.S) while the plug-in sun power array generates enough free energy to power the carbon neutral motor 1,000 miles.

Richard Sauter head of design commented “ Taking advantage of existing advances in green technology, the Guardian S Class leads the way in attacking on one of the major causes of global warming and in doing so lays the foundation for the only marketing force likely to revitalize the boating industry in the face of ever increasing fuel prices.”

The environmental protection agency estimates that registered recreational boats in the USA alone produce a staggering 375 million metric tons of CO2 per year. Carbon neutral power boats that follow the guardian’s example can reduce that by 75%, by reducing “global warming pollutant” by 280 million metric tons per year.

  1. stephanie (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2011

    This speed boat would help our environment a lot, especially with the ocean and hopefully other manufactures will follow this boats design.