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Homebrewed Electric Motorcycle; the Brutus

Electric motorcycles are nothing new, ever since Toyota popped out the Prius from her corporate loins there has been an influx of EV concepts and numerous electric bikes and scooters produced. The problem with most that I have seen is looks—or lack thereof.  Just shoehorning in an electric motor and bulking up the Frankenstein with a pile of batteries doesn’t always deliver an aesthetically appealing ride, not to mention any handling issues, but if you were to build a EM (electric motorcycle) in your garage from the ground up all the while keeping in mind what will power this brutish creation—mindful of weight distribution—then you have something all together different.

Homebrewed in a garage—this creation was originally garage-built as a one-off to show that a gas-free bike could be built with the same look and feel of a traditional cruiser, the result was so satisfactory that its maker, Chris Bell, decided to open a proper shop and turn them out for customers.

While I am impressed with the Brutus looks, I feel that the videos could are lacking any real impact—such a beautiful creation cruising back and forth at senior citizen speeds does nothing for me…sorry  I take that back—after writing this post I was sent an additional video of the beast running at 75% making a nice 0-60 run…

I look forward to watching the transformation as the Brutus evolves into a real brute and lives up to its name.

  1. Bailey (Reply) on Wednesday 19, 2011

    I think electric motorcycle’s that’s a shock. But it would be great for the economy and it would cut down the cost of paying for gas but you would basically still be paying for it in your light bill. but the pro’s and con’s equal each other out so i think they should defiantly produce more.