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Old School Camping Made Easy

Old school camping is not using a rock as a pillow and cooking roadkill on an open fire that you started by rubbing two sticks together—its way more cool than that, in fact if you want to camp old school, you are going to have to find a farm fresh old VW camper van and spend countless hours and dollars restoring it to its original vintage glory before you can ever truly go “old school”.

While turning heads in one of these vintage campers appeals to most everybody that has a pulse and a desire to get out in the outdoors in classic style, putting in the work and dollars does not. So, what’s a vintage guy to do? Start scanning the papers or interwebs for a restorable classic or buy something new and deal with camping in something with no curb appeal? Not me…

While traveling in one of their completely restored VW buses, you will have the pleasure of stopping at any scenic spot along your journey.  No more staying at high-priced hotel rooms.  Inside your groovy VW camper, you can cook meals, dine at your own private table with the view of your choice and take a nap at any of Florida’s great locations.

When it’s time to park the vintage VW, it slips right into almost any camping spot with no fuss.  If you desire shore power, your VW Westfalia has full hook-ups including water and standard 110 outlets.

If you are like Lone Wolf Mcquade and a campground isn’t your style, the Westy has an onboard water tank, sink, icebox, and external propane tank.  Traveling in a VW bus/mini rv makes it possible to create your own adventure.

Thankfully a group of VW enthusiasts are rescuing one VW Bus at a time and took care of all the work for you — Florida Oldscool Camper Rentals currently offer four different vintage VW campers all fully restored inside and out—ready for renting and your next adventures.

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  1. Todd (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2011

    Better than the big gas guzzler

  2. Bailey (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2011

    This van is like a hotel on wheels. Its a great investment if you have the money and enjoy camping A LOT. It would be an awesome vehicle to take around the world i would have to say this is an excellent article!!!