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The Toyota RV-2 Gets Beaten With Ugly Stick

Back in the day when the VW bus was very popular with the masses, Toyota tried to jump on the camper-type-vehicle-conversion-thingy bandwagon with the unveiling of the Toyota RV mini RV at the Tokyo auto show in 1972.

Fortunately the RV-2 did not receive the traction needed to secure its place in a mass production environment so we only have a few of these green goblins around to marvel. While it does seem practical for anyone who didn’t want to bother with the hassles of parking a large RV in the yard—impaired vision would have to be a purchaser prerequisite for this baby to serve as everyday transport.
The RV-2 had something going for it—It is small enough to park in your garage—a perfect place for such an ugly green goblin so that it doesn’t scare the neighbors kids or confuse people the circus is in town.

I could not see myself sleeping behind the hideous green striped tent fabric; I will buy a Coleman tent and spare myself the embarrassment.

  1. PBRstreetgang (Reply) on Wednesday 5, 2011

    really rare car that I would like to see at a car show….even if its butt ugly

  2. Bailey (Reply) on Wednesday 5, 2011

    What was Toyota thinking? It was a good idea but on a car? Wow i wonder if any one bought this car. I would be embarrassed to go camping in it or even sleep in it.