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Tent Camping On the Roof?

If I had a wish-list for my Ford Excursion it would be this; better fuel mileage (keep dreaming) and maybe a way to make use of the behemoths large size to make camping an easy venture. I thought about picking up a travel trailer or even a popup but I soon shook the cobwebs from my hop infused mind and got back to basics—camping is done in a tent, not some super luxurious motor coach or travel trailer —probably because I do not have the means for rigs like that.

With the whole what is real camping debate still unanswered I will move on and talk about something that I found very interesting—a tent for your truck! I know nothing new right? But this one is quite possibly the most interesting tent idea that has popped up in a long time.

ARB has been producing off road products your many years—all their products feature quality, reliability and practicality—the ARB Touring rooftop tent is the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Mounted to the roof of a vehicle and unfolding in minutes. The rooftop tents provide elevated sleeping quarters that keep you protected from the elements and any pesky varmints that may wander in your camp at night.

A rooftop tent means sleep-easy camping with an really easy deployment and all the bedding is enclosed in the rooftop tent. It packs away easy too—and has a rather small footprint (Size closed: 55″ x 47″ x 15”) on your roof which will curtail wind resistance and offer some gas mileage advantages.

Mounting is easy—any vehicle or trailer that has a roof-rack can easily accept the rooftop tent in a short time with no drilling required.

The Rooftop Tent has an optional changing room available which attaches to bottom of tent
and gives you options! This product looks awesome and makes it easy and convenient to stop for the night almost anywhere.

  1. Bailey (Reply) on Saturday 1, 2011

    Tent’s for your truck i think it’s an awesome idea. But like the article says it take’s away from the real camping outdoors experience laying in a tent on the ground hearing crickets and just enjoying the outdoors but probably in the near future it will become popular. Hopefully not anytime soon.