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Will Ford Achieve a Better Hybrid Truck?

The pickup truck is perhaps the most utilitarian vehicle on the market and is destined for a unthinkable change. The rumors have been bouncing around the interwebs for a while about Ford implementing their hybrid technology on arguably the best selling truck on the road.  While I commend Fords efforts in getting more fuel efficient passenger cars in the hands of soccer moms and commuters, the type of people that buy trucks need a truck. The Green agenda will put fuel economy above all other considerations, but many trades’ people, commercial buyers, farmers and ranchers absolutely require the capabilities of a pickup truck.

Pickup trucks like the Ford f-150 will not sell well because of the hefty price tag that is added on for the expensive hybrid technology. Why pay all that extra money for a system that will only net a few more MPG’s? Chevy has gone down this road already with their Silverado hybrid—needless to say its sales are anemic.

What if Ford could add hybrid technology to their trucks at a cost that is comparable to other option like as Air Conditioning? Well it looks like Ford and Toyota have forged an alliance of sorts when it comes to the hybrid technology. Toyota and Ford already share a similar ideology when it comes to hybrids and other battery technologies, In fact the two automakers hybrid technologies are so similar that Ford had to pay royalties to Toyota on some of its hybrid components because Toyota beat them in the patent game. Maybe this shared ideology and technology is pushing them to think a bit differently regarding how to develop a large hybrid platform?—and in turn together they can build a better more cost-effective hybrid powertrain for large trucks and SUV’s. Certainly a shared hybrid system between the two automakers would bring the cost down and possibly make it more desirable for the pickup truck buyer—but will consumers?

Details are sketchy right now regarding this unique collaboration, and a final product isn’t expected for at least 2 – 3 years, although it has been confirmed that the system will make its way into the F150 and Tundra platforms, as well as a few big SUV’s. Still, the question remains. The two automakers produce a cheaper hybrid powertrain for big pickups? Maybe—inevitably new CAFE rules will eventually require hybrid technology in at least some large pickup trucks and SUVs so some truck owners will have to endure the departure from convention powertrains and go green. With this collaboration hopefully you won’t see a powered by sticker on your f-150 unless it says Ford, and that might be all that really matters.


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  1. Bailey (Reply) on Thursday 29, 2011

    I think it would be a great idea for ford to make a hybrid truck in the f-150. But i don’t think they should go any bigger than that. But i think its great that Toyota and ford came together and put there hybrid technology’s together. Hopefully they make a good combination and i would really like to see some of the SUV’s they are going to be hybrid it should be very interesting when they do come out with a hybrid truck.