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Triumph Scrambler Demands Attention Wherever it Goes

First let me say “I Want One!” Inspired by the 60s Triumph off-road sports motorcycles which were stripped down for racing, the Scrambler features a unique look and feel all its very own. With classic styling details including the legendary gaiters and high swept chromed side pipes, it’s easy to see why the Scrambler brings back memories of the days when these classic Triumphs were tearing up the dirt and jumping hills all over the U.S.

Like any modern classic, there were necessary upgrades to comply with emissions regulations; the most notable is the fuel injection—no more ticklers here—improving performance but designed to resemble the old carburetor to keep that retro look—nice move to upgrade without sacrificing style. Thankfully lucas electrics are not present so that scary rides down dark country roads on a bike dubbed “prince of darkness” are a thing of the past.

The engine of the Scrambler is the same 865cc air cooled parallel gem that its step-brother the Bonneville but with a few changes that are noticeable with its unique growl. The black matte finish on the engine, plus the Matte Khaki Green or Jet Black paint schemes tap into the nostalgia of scramblers in the past completing the hard ass look worthy of a Steve Mcqueen endorsement.

The tyres are not as knobbly as the one’s on McQueen’s 1964 “278” Enduro bike, but they do look the part and perform well on the street or dirt.

While I am sure you can find better performing off-road bikes by looking the Japanese competition—It would be easy for Triumph’s Scrambler to get lost among the pack of new motorcycle models showing up into dealerships and onto showroom floors . Yes, it can be taken off pavement — the Scrambler suspension has been raised 2 inches over the average Bonneville, for improved ground clearance —but I would not expect it to be quite as good as other competitors. Remember this is essentially a road-purposed bike—more specifically, an urban commuter.

Just the Scrambler design and Triumph badge is enough to sell me this bike. There is not much I can or will say that can change that. The Scrambler is a lovely piece of retro looking machinery worthy of my garage.

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